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OBA Global: Nigerians submit electronic petition to Canadian lawmakers



Lynn was the front for OBA Global

Electronic petitions are being submitted to federal lawmakers by Nigerians who were scammed by OBA Global in Canada in a bid to bring perpetrators to book.

The electronic petition which is a feedback channel for the Parliament of Canada is believed to have been signed by hundreds of Nigerians who fell victim to the OBA Global scam.

According to the parliament, a “petition is used to draw attention to an issue of public interest or concern and to request that the House of Commons, the Government of Canada, a Minister of the Crown, or a Member of the House of Commons take some action.”

Nigerians are asking that the government of Canada pursue and arrest the perpetrators of OBA Global as well as refund their monies that was put into the scam.


Others have written the lawmakers representing their province to educate on OBA Global scam and the need to act immediately to forestall future fraud.

Chronicle NG had reported that many thought that OBA Global was a legitimate business because they were required to complete eCommerce task every day.

Some victims have also approached their banks to block or change their Automated Teller Machine cards to prevent future withdrawals from their accounts.

“I did deal with this OBA Global up till the stage of withdrawal. I recharged a day before it crashed, and my recharge was done through Interac. I have changed all my bank details and I will suggest you change your card details just in case. My bank charged nothing to change it, which I presume it might be likewise for your bank,” one user said.

“Just spoke with TD Fraud Department and even though I paid through Interac, my debit card was cancelled. The CSR I spoke with told me that they can still access my account because my debit card is linked to my Interac account,” another user said.


Another user also stated that, “The anti-fraud unit of my bank is investigating it. They have temporarily blocked my mobile and online banking to prevent external access to my account. Had to go in person into the banking hall for withdrawal over the counter today.

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