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Yul Edochie plays role of Obi in new ‘Peter Obi’ movie



Yul Edochie plays role of Obi in new 'Peter Obi' movie

Controversial Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has gotten numerous comments for his role in the new ‘Peter Obi’ movie.

The actor played the titular character: the Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

As seen in the trailer, Edochie was trying to imitate the voice, dress, and mannerisms of the presidential candidate.

Following the release of this movie’s trailer, many people have commented on his role. While many people have applauded the attempt to tell the story of the presidential candidate, many have criticised the movie’s look and, more importantly, the actor’s attempt to sound like him.


Reacting to the post, obidiya.1 warned the actor not to disrespect “our” president like he did his wife, May.

He wrote, “Casting with Peter Obi name is ok but that voice is not his please. Edit bfr u release it. Don’t disrespect our President like u did to May. T for thanks.”

Another user, Icey_Kingblaise, pointed out that the attempt looks like mockery.

In his words, “Nice one.. But the voice wasn’t necessary.. You can pass your message without mimicking.. BTW, that’s not even his voice! He has a nice and meek voice. This looks like mockery to me.”

Another user, Desywiz wrote: “What a nonsense movie from yul and what a stupid voice is this.”

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