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Broadcast violation: NBC fines TVC, Arise TV N2m



Broadcast violation: NBC fines TVC, Arise TV N2m

Television Continental (TVC) and Arise television stations have been sanctioned for breaching sections of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.

The television houses are to pay a fine of N2m each, a letter by the Commission’s Director General, Barabe Shehu Ilelah, stated.

A part of the letter reads: “The penalty shall be paid within two weeks of the receipt of this letter or sanction shall be graduated.

“The broadcaster shall ensure that its presenters handle the program with professionalism and sound judgment, to ensure that it does not lose focus or lead to unfair treatment of any person or institution.

“Broadcasting shall promote human dignity; therefore, hate speech is prohibited.


The Broadcaster shall not transmit any program, program promotion, community service announcement, or station identity, which is likely, in any circumstance, to provoke or perpetuate in a reasonable person, intense dislike, serious contempt, or severe ridicule against a person or groups of people because of age, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, disability race, religion or political leaning.”

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