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An Igbo person not unfit for the presidency – Brymo



An Igbo person not unfit for the presidency - Brymo

A popular singer, Olawale Olofooro, aka Brymo, caused a stir online on Thursday, January 5, 2023, when he stated on Twitter that it would be difficult for an Igbo person to be elected as the president of the country, because of the secessionist agitation by some prominent people in Igbo land.

Maintaining his stance in an interview with Saturday Beats, the singer said, “I did not mean an Igbo person is unfit for the presidency. That sounds ‘tribalistic.

“I am not supporting Bola Tinubu (presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress) just because I am a Yoruba man from Lagos.

My choice cannot be bought. It (my support) is voluntary, and I want my vote to count, like every other Nigerian.”


The ‘Ara’ singer however expressed disappointment that some people were encouraging fans to boycott his songs and brand. He said, “I am an international brand, and it is disappointing if we lose ourselves to other people’s opinions.

My fans know that I am independent. My loyalty to my brand remains despite my choice of leader for the country.”

Brymo also disagreed with the insinuation that he has not been performing at big concerts in recent times despite claiming to be one of the biggest artists in the country.

He said, “My show— “Order: The Concert’,” was the biggest concert in 2022 in Lagos, and we can only be better. Self-acclamations have never been my thing.

“I love to create my own art and shows. Every other show done in 2022 was based on personal relationships and the effect of changing my management.


Some shows were also canceled due to poor production. However, life has a way of balancing things. I believe that 2023 will be even better.”


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