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16-year-old accuses aunt’s husband of serially abusing her



Dr. Olufemi Olaleye accused of serially abusing his wife's niece

The recorded video of the experiences of the 16-year-old sexual abuse survivor, who accused a doctor of deflowering her, was played in court on Tuesday.

The victim accused the Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Olufemi Olaleye, of sexually abusing her.

But the doctor denied it and pleaded not guilty.

The video recording, contained in a flash drive, was admitted in evidence by, Justice Ramon Oshodi and marked Exhibit P1.


Also admitted was the report of the forensic interview and certificate of compliance.

Dr. Olaleye is facing a two-count charge of child defilement before the court.

Led in evidence by the Director, Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) Dr. Jide Martins, child forensic interview expert, Mrs. Olabisi Ajayi-Kayode, narrated to the court how Dr. Olaleye groomed the survivor into serial sexual activities and deflower her while living with her auntie.

Mrs. Ajayi-Kayode is a Chief Forensic officer with Cece Yara Foundation.


She told the court that the survivor informed her that Dr. Olaleye asked her: “Are you still a virgin? Why are you still keeping your virginity? Virginity is no longer in vogue. Girls of 12, 13, 14 are no longer virgins.”

The expert further told the court that the survivor told her that the first time the defendant had sex with her, she experienced “sharp pain and there was blood and that he (Dr. Olaleye) took tissue paper and wiped the blood.” he deflower her.

According to the expert witness, the survivor said she slept on the floor in the children’s room and the defendant would normally come there at night, pretending as if making sure the windows were okay.

Mrs. Ajayi-Kayode said he would tap and ask her to go and prepare coffee for him.

She said it was in the course of preparing the coffee that the defendant started touching her inappropriately by fingering her private part and ordering her to perform oral sex on him.


She said whenever the minor attempted to resist him, the defendant would threaten her life and that of her auntie.

Mrs. Ajayi-Kayode told the court that the survivor informed her that the defendant defiled her in a part of the house not covered by the Close Circuit Television (CCTV).

Mrs. Ajayi-Kayode said one particular day, the survivor was waiting by the security house, based on her auntie’s instructions not to stay alone in the main house, when the defendant arrived and ordered her inside.

“When they got inside, he asked her to prepare ‘amala’ for him.


“In the process of doing this, he came into the kitchen and took her to his study and had sex with her, and warned her not to tell anyone.

“After that, the abuses became more regular, having sex with her and sometimes, oral sex.”

Mrs. Ajayi-Kayode said the survivor informed her that she was tired of the constant abuse by the doctor.

She said this was when the driver, Waheed, heard her and convinced her to narrate her experience to him and she did and pleaded with him not to tell anyone.


The child forensic interview specialist concluded: “He (Dr. Olaleye) gained access to the child and used his position as the husband of her auntie to gain the position of sexual abuse, using coercion to maintain control and to suppress the abuse.”

Under cross-examination by defense counsel, Babatunde Ogala (SAN), the child forensic expert insisted that she drew her conclusion based on her interview with the survivor.

She denied interacting with the police since they were part of the investigation.

She insisted that the defendant serially abuse the survivor.

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