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Tinubu Drug Story: APC PCC demands apology from ThisDay



Bola Tinubu, APC presidential candidate

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council (APC PCC) has demanded that ThisDay Newspaper apologise for its drug story on Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate.

Bayo Onanuga, the director, media and publicity for APC PCC in a press statement on Sunday accused ThisDay newspaper of deliberately publishing a report to malign Tinubu who has been repeatedly accused of being a drug baron and user.

Reacting to the report by the leading newspaper, Onanuga said, “ThisDay carried its campaign of calumny against our presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, too far on Friday, with a fake report about the death of a respected medical doctor, Kolapo Akande, who was the husband of Lola Akande, a commissioner in Lagos.

“The report denigrated Kolapo Akande and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, accusing the duo of being involved in drug trade,” the APC PCC said.


Adding that, “Not caring a hoot about the need to respect the dead, the paper painted Akande as a drug lord, who had ‘lived under the radar’ and had stayed aloof from people”. Unknown to ThisDay, their imagined ‘hibernating’ Kolapo was an Accord Party candidate for the House of Representatives some years back.

“But in the paper’s pursuit of its jaundiced, cash and carry journalism, it gleefully reported that Kolapo Akande was the same Mueez Akande mentioned in the shuttered 30 year-old drug investigation against our candidate in the US.

“But it was all false. ThisDay wrote a mere fiction and had relied on a false tweet by one David Hundeyin, a hatchet writer and so-called investigative journalist, who has identified himself as a Peter Obi supporter.

“Any reasonable publishing house ought to be wary about any information coming from such a biased person. But not ThisDay. Anything that portrays Tinubu in a very bad light is fair game, as such a report will justify the tons of Naira that accompanies it.

“The report has, however turned into a huge embarrassment for the paper and further dented its credibility and integrity. ThisDay should be truly ashamed of its ethical standards. It descended so low that even the despicable David Hundeyin, said to be desperate for asylum in the UK, excoriated the newspaper for the report.


APC PCC added that, “Without sounding remorseful, Hundeyin recanted his tweet and wrote: “Not sure why ThisDay published such a story without confirming it, but my information now is that Dr. Kolapo Akande who just died is the elder brother of Mueez Adegboyega Akande, (who is still very much alive.) As such I’m taking down my earlier tweet with the ThisDay story link”.

The APC said, “In his earlier full tweet, the reckless journalist, whose modus operandi is more like Alex Jones of the US based Infowars had suggested that Tinubu masterminded Kolapo Akande’s death, quoting fictional ‘back channel sources’.

“What a wicked, unconscionable lie,” the APC PCC said.

“At the heart of journalism is the credo that a medium should seek to verify its information before dishing it out to the public. ThisDay, just like its sister Arise TV News, has now clearly shown that it does not operate by such standards.


“We have waited for the past 48 hours, hoping the paper will show some remorse and apologise to the Akandes and Asiwaju Tinubu over the malicious report. We are surprised it has not taken such a dignified step.

“We now formally demand a full apology from the paper and its publisher, Prince Nduka Obaigbena, for the utterly unprofessional report.

“We hope henceforth the paper will seek to be driven by the ethical ideals of journalism and not other material considerations. In view of the established evidence of violation of the core ethics of journalism, we demand that the Nigeria Press Council take appropriate disciplinary action against Thisday to save journalism at this sensitive period from the merchants of falsehood and abusers of the public trust that the press embodies.

The statement then called on INEC to sue ThisDay. “We call on the Independent National Electoral Commission to invoke the relevant sections of the Electoral Act 2022 to sue Thisday and any other medium that commits flagrant violation of editorial rules to the courts.


“These are the only remedies to the reckless journalism of Thisday.

“They are the guarantees that the provisions of the constitution mandating the press as the fourth estate of the realm shall be protected.”

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