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Osinbajo has written his name in gold – Alakenne of Ikenne



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The Alakenne of Ikenne, Oba Adeyinka Onakade has praised the efforts of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in changing the fortune of Ikenne.

The monarch noted that Osinbajo had attracted infrastructure and other numerous benefits to the people of Ikenne and would be remembered for his contributions to the community.

In fact, he has written his name in gold and we will always remain grateful to him”.

In a statement from the palace of Alakenne, the royal father said, “The Vice-President, our illustrious son has done much for the Ikenne community. He has changed the fortunes of many, he has provided great infrastructure for the community.


“Ikenne has benefited immensely from the Vice President. I will like to start from this palace. This palace was originally a town hall. It was the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who gave it a facelift. Secondly, the modern market in Ikenne was built by the Vice President.

“Also, all the federal presence we have, it is by the grace of his effort. He made it come to us. About three or four years ago, we had ecological projects in the town. I remember last year when we were having electricity issues due to faulty transformers. We appealed to him about our predicament and gratefully.”

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