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6 ways MoneyMaster PSB will improve your banking



G-Kala MoneyMaster PSB

It is no longer news that Globacom has thrown its hat into the Payment
Service Bank ring with the launch of MoneyMaster PSB. With the commencement of business on May 30, 2022, MoneyMaster hopes to disrupt the market in innovative ways with G-Kala.

The company was unequivocal in communicating its intentions; “our
over-arching business objective remains to empower Nigerians by
providing them with unlimited opportunities. MoneyMaster extends that
objective as it targets the unbanked and under-banked with G-Kala its
flagship product in order to deepen financial inclusion in Nigeria.”

We show you six ways in which MoneyMasterPSB, which has been described as network agnostic, hopes to disrupt the sector and become the market leader in the PSB market.

1. You will never forget your account number: Yes, with G-Kala your phone number will be your account number. That way you will never forget your account number and friends and family who wish to send you money will not have to ask. All they need to do is check your account number and voila!.


2. You don’t need the internet: G-Kala transactions are as easy as ABC. Just dial the short code *995# and you can open an account, send money or receive money via G-kala. It is that simple. There will also be an app for those who wish to use that option.

3. G-Kala is safe and secure: Facilitated by cutting edge technology and
supported by robust security features, G-Kala transactions will be safe and secure and fast.

4. You don’t need a high end phone: With a focus on financial inclusion and the provision of banking services for the unbanked and under-banked, G-Kala will work seamlessly on feature phones and smart phones. You don’t need to break the bank to bank with MoneyMaster.

5. G-Kala opens up a world of possibilities: With Money Masters G-Kala you can carry out so many financial transactions without going through the hassles usually associated with opening a bank account. You can send money, collect money, pay money for services, buy airtime, get a debit
card, issue electronic wallets and pay sundry bills. The possibilities
are unlimited.

6. You can also get cash through G-Kala: If you are one of those who like the feel of raw cash, G-Kala has you covered. You can cash money sent to you just by visiting a G-Kala agent near you. Riding on the back of Globacom’s pan-Nigerian presence and pervasive agent network, there will always be a G-Kala agent near you.

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