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China approves inhaled Covid vaccines



Coronavirus covid has killed over 1,000 people in Nigeria covid-19

China has become the first country to formally approve the Covid inhaled vaccines.

Produced by CanSino, it has similar ingredients to its injected vaccine, using a safe adenovirus as a carrier for the genetic code that teaches the body how to fight Covid.

Both vaccines are administered intravenously. Convidecia Air, which is inhaled as a thin mist, can offer effective protection after just one breath, according to the manufacturer.

Nasal spray vaccinations have been the subject of investigation by other researchers, including those in the US and the UK.

Scientists say these may give added immunity in the lining of the nose and upper airways, where Covid typically enters the body.


CanSino received approval from the Chinese government’s National Medical Products Administration to utilise its inhaled vaccination as a booster dosage.

Studies indicate that it can enhance protection in people who have already received a vaccination.

In the meantime, Scotland, Wales, and England have started the most recent Covid vaccine booster programme.

Health officials in the UK report a decline in infections, but they anticipate a comeback of the cold and flu this fall and winter.


They are advising anyone who can to get both vaccinations in order to safeguard themselves from serious illness.



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