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How to identify a reliable Forex Trading App



Identify a relaible forex trading app

Smartphones are everywhere these days, so it makes sense that countless forex trading apps have appeared across marketplaces over recent years.

Unfortunately, the nature of mobile apps lead to fierce competition and many subpar services, which isn’t favourable when it comes to forex. Throughout this article, we will tell you how to identify a reliable forex trading app, which will be essential for your portfolio.

Does Forex Have an App?

The foreign exchange (forex) is a decentralised marketplace, which means it doesn’t have a single base of operation. Therefore, there is no “official” forex app. However, there are plenty of apps that investors swear by, and they’re widely based on trust and a range of services.

App Trust

Where there is money involved, there are scammers not far away, which is why trust is the most important factor when choosing a forex trading app. Brokers should be licensed by a regulatory body from countries including the UK, US, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Whichever app you choose, it’s worth checking for official licenses to avoid being scammed.


Trading Tools

Forex trading comes with a steep learning curve, which is why apps that offer a wealth of training and tools are superior. Features on a quality app need to be user-friendly, as many beginners will turn to smartphones. The more trading tools an app has to offer, the greater the likelihood of landing a positive trade.

Demo Accounts

Before committing to a forex app, you should be given the opportunity to try on a free demo, which will let you test out strategies and learn the ropes. Your virtual account will help you to explore the app and website across all devices before making a decision. Once you’ve chosen a trading app, you can apply for a fund account, which will require official identification.

Trading Platforms

Before you begin trading, you will need to assess your needs, which will indicate what you need to get out of a trading app. Choosing an app from a dominant broker will typically be better than third-party apps because they can offer usage across all devices, including on the web.

Tradeable Markets

Having access to several markets is going to help you increase your profits. However, greater currency support doesn’t always lead to superiority. For example, a trading app can offer support for a small number of currencies, but they offer access to cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, and commodities as well. Alternatively, you may find a restrictive broker that taps into several niche currencies. The direction you choose to travel in will depend on your preparation, so make sure you don’t take any shortcuts.


The majority of people have a smartphone, which has left to the rise of forex traders. However, not all forex apps provide quality and there are plenty of scammers out there. Learning how to identify a quality forex app is essential to success, and the guidelines outlined above will help you do this.

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