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The Nigeria craze for Kshod Solar Wireless Powerbank



Kshod Energy Power Bank

Trendy and smart ladies and gents are now opting for the Kshod Solar Wireless Powerbank, powered with the Qi charging technology.

The Qi technology (also known as inductive charging) allows wireless charging of mobile gadgets.

While some still wonder what the Qi charging technology is, the savvy and fashionable mobile phone users have already upgraded their game.

Just the same way the skeptics could have stuck to the old locomotive trains while the futuristic have been quick to cling to the high-speed electromagnetic rails.


In this present day that emphasizes fast pace communication you might have been stuck at different times carrying the wrong charging cables or barred from access to electricity. Or worst yet faced with the frustration of battling your entangled charging cables at your tired moments.

Why not enjoy the assurance and comfort that comes with Kshod Solar Wireless Powerbank?

Kshod Solar Wireless Powerbank brings you freedom. That’s how to chill with the big boys.


(Kshod Solar Wireless Powerbank comes in options 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh)

  • Ultra-High capacity
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Solar and electricity charge options
  • 3 x USB ports
  • 3A fast charging
  • 16 LED lights (for 10,000mAh), and 21 LED lights (for 20,000mAh)
    Promo Prices: N10,000 (10000mAh), N20,000 (20000mAh)

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