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BREAKING: Senate approves financial autonomy for state legislatures, judiciary, local governments



Bayelsa Senate Financial Aid for students
  • Rejects pension for Presiding Officers of Legislature

The National Assembly (Senate and House of Representatives) have passed a bill seeking to give financial autonomy to local government areas across the country.

The lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in support for the Bill barely two weeks after the Supreme Court declared an Executive Order signed by President Muhammadu Buhari as illegal.

A tweet by the Senate and Reps said, a Bill for An Act to alter the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 to abrogate State Joint LG Acct and provide for a special account into which shall be paid all allocations due to LG Councils from the Federation Account and from the Govt of the State and for related matters had been approved.

The Senate also approved financial autonomy for state legislatures and judiciary in the country.

The approval came on Tuesday during voting on the report of the Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution (Fifth Alteration) Bills, 2022.



Senators during voting on the report rejected pension for presiding officers of the legislature.


Out of a total number of 88 Senators registered to vote on the bill, 34 voted in support, and 53 against the bill.

Also rejected were bills to override Presidential veto in Constitution Alteration; and to override Presidential veto in respect of ordinary money bills.

The rejected bills require the mandatory four-fifth (votes of 88 Senators) and two-thirds majority (votes of 73 Senators) to pass, respectively.

The bill on Procedure for Overriding Presidential Veto in Constitutional Alteration seeks to provide for the procedure for passing a constitution alteration bill where the President withholds assent.


On the other hand, the bill for an Act to alter the provisions of the Constitution to provide the procedure for overriding executive veto in respect of money bills, seeks to provide for mode of exercising federal legislative power on money bills before the National Assembly.

While 94 Senators registered to vote on the bill to override presidential veto in constitutional alteration, 79 lawmakers of the chamber voted in support and 15 against it. The bill fell short of the needed 88 votes (four-fifth requirement) to pass.

On the bill to override presidential veto in respect of money bills, out of a total of 84 registered Senators, 44 voted in support, and 39 against the bill. The bill also fell short of the required two-thirds requirement (73 Senators) to pass.

In addition, the Senate also rejected bills to provide for the Removal of Presiding Officers of the Legislature; and to Change the name of Barikin Ladi Local Government Area in Plateau State to “Gwol” Local Government Area.

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