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LASTMA GM debunks fake news on agency’s operation



Mr Bolaji Oreagba, General Manager of LASTMA

The General Manager of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr. Bolaji Oreagba has said that the attention of LASTMA Management has been drawn to a fake news, posted yearly purported to have been pronounced by the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu quoted thus; “…Henceforth no LASTMA Officials (sic) should arrest (sic) any motorist, either commercial or private.

“The duty of LASTMA is to manage traffic and not to arrest anyone. I have heard a lot of complaint(sic), any Officials (sic) that violate the rule of his work, will be severely dealt with.”

“If at any time LASTMA Officials makes attempt to arrest you or forcefully enter your car, Don’t (sic) argue with them just allow the LASTMA to enter your car and call these numbers…”. 08129928600. 08129928550. PLEASE KINDLY SHARE.

Oreagba stated that this is about the fourth time/year that this story is making the rounds on social media by transmuting from the first one and second (created as a flyer) to this fourth one written like the pronouncement of the Governor, he recollected that the company that generated the first fake news had since apologized, retracted and pulled down the news from the company’s site earlier this year.


The General Manager further explained that the primary duties of the agency among other things; is traffic control and management which includes the arrest of traffic law violators/recalcitrant drivers as stated in the Law setting up the agency.

This same law was reviewed by the Lagos State House of Assembly in the Year 2018 principally with that of the Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service known as the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018, hence the Governor who is the Chief Security Officer; our number one law abiding citizen and law enforcement officer in the State would not flout the law let alone provide the opportunity for others to do so.

He therefore, enjoined the law abiding citizens of Lagos State and visiting drivers that come into the State, to at all times adhere strictly to the traffic law of the State in order to avoid facing the consequences of flouting it, he also further advised that “we must all have a change towards positive attitude of obeying the Laws of the State which were made for the benefit of all, for orderliness and for fast paced socio-economic improvement of individuals, corporate entities and generality of the people”.

Oreagba also stated that we are taking stock, restructuring and re-strategising of our beats of strategic intersections/ junctions to eliminate frictions, reduce delays and ensure better flow of traffic.

“We are aware of the traffic congestion suffered by commuters as a result of the road reconstruction, infrastructure renewal, illegal vehicular movements such driving against the normal flow of traffic, BRT Violation, illegal parking along the raodways and the general lack of respect for driving ethics by some motorists. In all, the safety of all Lagosians, Visitors and Law Enforcement Agents on Lagos roads as well is equally paramount.”


The General Manager hereby assures members of the public who may have been going through harrowing traffic experience in the hands of lawless motorists on Lagos roads to take succor in the fact that LASTMA has fully returned to manage the road traffic.

Oreagba thanked all road users for their support and cooperation with LASTMA which has culminated in the reduction in travel time. He asked that all stakeholders should look forward to better days ahead.

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