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Be fruitful and multiply by Orisha



More than 82 million Nigerians are poor according to NBS

By Orisha

I stumbled on a read today about unemployment figures in the country by Bismarck Rewane. Apathetically, the fully employed index states was declining.

Its kind of intellectually sickening to constantly read about unemployment stats whilst the population and productivity questions go begging…

For many, producing human beings is a calling, a job. When you ask them, they say God will provide.


They are already living beyond their means; no be only when you dey live luxurious life be when you dey live beyond your means.

Having kids you did not plan for and expecting God/Govt to pick up the slack from your irresponsibility is delusional.

Ask them to go to farms, a venture that has the potential to employ many with modest technical or educational requirements, they will scoff and say they deserve better.

Give them a job in a corporate setting. They will almost lead you to bankruptcy with their incompetence, laziness and poor attitude.


Ask them to vote the candidate(s) that will help create the right policies and prosperity ambiance. They will line up behind corrupt folks, ethnoreligious bigots and confirmed incompetent lots who can dole out the cash.

They religiously pay tithes but think it is robbery to pay taxes. They circumvent the law at their level but expect those with more access to power to abide by the laws.

They do not read. They do not seek self-improvement. They are constantly looking for a ‘deal’ and the way out. They do not care if anyone is defrauded in a scam if they are beneficiaries. They justify and vilify criminals as heroes.

Even their prayers are selfish and delusional. ise kekere, owo nla is considered a valid prayer point. A religious people without morals. An intelligent people without sense.

Nigerians are Nigeria and Nigerians problems. The puppeteers know this and exploit the weakness. Ask the average Nigerian to invest in a longterm venture and he will scoff. But he will come back to lament about jobs.


Be fruitful and multiply without accountability, increased productivity and proper planning will end in penury. We are not ready for real conversations…

Orisha writes from New Jersey, United States

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