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Architects call for technical investigation into Ikoyi building collapse



The 21 storey building collapsed in Ikoyi, Lagos

The Association of Nigerian Chartered Architects (ANCA), has called for a technical probe into the 21-storey building, which collapsed last week Monday in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The collapse claimed the lives of over 40 persons including the owner of the building Femi Osibona.

The Association made this known in a statement by its National President and Secretary, Moyosore Omatsone and Adekoyejo Jolaoso respectively.

The statement while commending the governor for his prompt response to the situation, said that the ‘political probe panel’ was not enough.


The architects urged the governor to set up a technical probe due to the magnitude and implication of the incident.

The 21 storey building collapsed in Ikoyi, Lagos

They advised that the technical probe, which should be peopled with all technical personnel in the building, construction and property industries, would look at the original brief of the project and its design, particularly fundamental requirements for a 7-star fully serviced residential facility.

The technical probe, they said, would also look at the expected life span of the development and question the structural engineer who withdrew his service midway into the project.

The Association berated the engineer for withdrawing his service instead of ensuring that the structural design he was supervising was professionally adequate for 15 floors.

“The technical team will also subject the quality of the materials used to adequate scientific and technical analysis and how the project was managed from design stage to the time of collapse and how often technical site meetings were held, if any,” it said.


The 21 storey building collapsed in Ikoyi, Lagos

It also advised that a technical probe should be conducted on the other two standing towers beside the collapsed one.

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