BREAKING: Gani Fawehinmi’s eldest son dies at 52

Mohammed Fawehinmi
Mohammed Fawehinmi died of COVID-19 complications

Gani Fawehinmi‘s eldest son, Mohammed Fawehinmi has died at the age of 52.

According to sources close to the family, Mohammed died on Wednesday after complaining of difficulty in breathing after which he was rushed to the hospital where he eventually passed on.

The late activist was a lawyer and the head of Mohammed Fawehinmi Chambers.

Mohammed was born on February 21, 1969. He had his primary school at Kotun Memorial School, Surulere, Lagos and his secondary education at Federal Government College, Sokoto.

He was a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Lagos in 1991. He obtained an LLB degree from the University of Buckingham, England and was called to Nigerian Bar in 1998.

On September 23, 2003, while returning from his father’s law firm, Mohammed had a lone car accident that confined him to the wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Speaking few years ago on the challenge of practicing law while on a wheelchair, Mohammed said: I look at my ordeal as part of life’s ‘buffet’, just like it served my late father on several occasions. I feel I’m in a mini detention centre at the moment, but then, I’m positive that one day, I’ll be free. But I’m glad that I have been able to practice as a trained lawyer despite the tragedy that I’ve encountered in life.”

He remained single throughout his life due to his condition but said he was willing to settle down if he can across the right lady who loved him and was willing to accept his condition.

“I am very optimistic that one day, I am going to walk again but then I’ll be glad if it will be to walk down the aisle with my soulmate. I really want to marry and have children. I think about this every day,” he said.

Despite being born to a notable father, Mohammed was stigmatized due to his confinement to the chair. Narrating his sad experience in an interview some years ago, Mohammed said: “A lot of people treat me like a leper on many occasions as a result of my condition. People say all sorts of nasty things to me and call me all sorts of names. But because I knew that those words cannot limit my progress in life, I just ignore such.”