Super League: Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus to continue with plans

Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona have vowed to go ahead with ESL plans
Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona have vowed to go ahead with ESL plans

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus have confirmed that they are moving forward with plans for a European Super League, which sparked a lot of controversy in the football world. The clubs claim to have successfully argued against any punishment by Uefa.

A Madrid court on Friday directed UEFA to terminate any disciplinary action against the three clubs.

In June, UEFA, who was poised to take damning disciplinary actions against the breakawayclubs; stopped in its tracks, when the case was passed to the European Court of Justice.

Twelve clubs announced themselves as founder members of the Super League in April, but the proposed breakaway competition collapsed within 72 hours after nine withdrew amid fan protest, opposition from Uefa, Fifa and domestic leagues, as well as the British Government and the royal family.

Deal of the day

Juve, Barca and Real are the only sides not to have renounced the breakaway league and have again reiterated their intention to “keep developing the Super League project”.

They added that they intend to do so by working with governing bodies, leagues, fans, players, managers and clubs – all stakeholders which opposed the breakaway competition when it was initially announced.

“Clubs participating in European competitions have the right to govern their own competitions,” the clubs continued in a statement.

“We are pleased that going forward we will no longer be subject to Uefa’s ongoing threats.

“We are aware that there are elements of our proposal that should be reviewed and, of course, can be improved through dialogue and consensus.

“We remain confident in the success of a project that will be always compliant with European Union laws.”