Bethel Baptist School Abduction: Bandits demand fresh N50m

Bethel Baptist High school, Kaduna
Bethel Baptist High school, Kaduna

The kidnappers of Bethel Baptist High school students have asked for another N50 million ransom for the rest of the students to be released.

So far, out of the 121 students abducted, only 38 have regained their freedom.

According to a source close to the parents of the abducted students, they sold all they had and taken loans for them to raise the N100 million requested for by the bandits.

However, in a grim turn of events, the bandits released only 28, promising to release the others in batches. Few days after, the bandits made fresh demands of N50m.

Deal of the day

The proprietor of the school, Rev. Yahaya Adamu Jangado has however denied the alegations, stating that he is not aware of any demands.

There has been so much uncertainty concerning the payment of ransom and the safety of the children as conflicting reports have flooded the media space.

It has been 3 weeks since the abduction took place and there are concerns about the health of the children who are just between the ages of 9 and 15

However, what remains a fact is the noticable increase in the number of wanton killings and kidnappings in the country.

Few days ago, some soldiers were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists and up till date, they are yet to regain their freedom.

Also mind-itching is the killing of a Nigerian Army Major General, who was assassinated on his way to Abuja with his sister. After he was killed, the assailants kidnapped his sister. N50 million was paid as ransom before she regained her freedom few days ago.

There has been a very loud silence from the presidency concerning the assassination as it is routine for the president to comment on such issues.