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Only vaccinated fans will be allowed for 2022 World cup – Qatar



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The Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa, has said that Qatar will deny entry to stadiums to fans without full vaccination protection against the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister disclosed this in an interview on Sunday evening, following the country’s preparations for the first world cup in the Middle East.

“By the time of the World Cup, most countries in the world would have vaccinated their citizens.

“Due to the possibility that some countries will not be able to vaccinate all their citizens, Qatar will deny entry to stadiums to fans who do not have full vaccination protection against the coronavirus,” he said.

He added that Qatar was concluding plans to provide one million doses of coronavirus vaccine for the immunisation of those coming to Qatar for the World Cup.


Nigeria’s National Primary Health Care Development Agency disclosed that as at June 20th, 2021, 2,02,546 people had received their first dose of the vaccine

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