Nnamdi Kanu suffering from bipolar disorder, mental imbalance – Expert

Nnamdi Kanu is leader of proscribed IPOB
Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of proscribed IPOB

By Peter O. O.

As a behaviouralist, I can say Nnamdi Kanu, the proscribed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is far from psychological balance, thus he requires urgent medical and mental assistance.

Nnamdi Kanu is in a state of mind which prevents him from normal perception, both his behaviour and social interaction border on violence and the blood thirsty nature of a person suffering from bipolar disorder, which is characterized by shifts in mood as well as changes in activity and energy levels.

As a psychologist, I can say that he is delusional and in a constant state of hallucinations.

Deal of the day

When he says things like the Vice President of Nigerian was forcefully injected with the COVID-19 vaccine or that the VP and Femi Adesina were kidnapped or under house arrest or that Aso is empty, these are signs of psychological imbalance because they are a fabrication of his imagination.

The symptoms of mental disorders found in his behavior and public speeches lately indicate excessive bouts of anger. This is demonstrated, as he is always expressing extreme anger, like talking about burning Nigeria, killing Nigerians, destroying Nigeria and even leaders of South East, and the South generally.

These traits are similar to those found in Jim Jones, the infamous American preacher and faith healer turned cult leader who conspired with his inner circle to direct a mass murder/suicide of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978, when 918 of his followers died, including 304 children after drinking a poison on the instructions of Jones.

Besides, Kanu’s continuous description of Nigeria as a zoo is another trait of mental disorder. Instigating his supporters to beat up and disgrace politicians of Igbo extraction when they travel abroad, as in the case of former Senator Ike Ekweremadu, is a strong trait of mental disorder.

The denial of obvious truths, like the fact that Igbos are Nigerians, assuming they are Israelites or Jews and denying the place of southeast politicians and leaders are all fulsome signs of Kanu’s illness.

It is unfortunate that there are people who think he speaks the truth because like Jim Jones, he could lead them all to destruction if urgent care is not taken. Kanu is confused in his perception and thinking, for example he has raised this view about the President of Nigeria being a Jibril of Sudan, saying Buhari is a clone using silicon mask or that he is a doppelganger.

If Kanu submits himself for further examination it is possible that we find more traits of psychological disorder in him.

Peter O. O writes from Lagos.