Nigerians commend Osinbajo for solving Apapa gridlock

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo SAN launches the Clean Nigeria Campaign; Project Flush IT Initiative organized by OPS- WASH.
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN
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Nigerians on Sunday took to social media to commend Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for solving the Apapa gridlock that has plagued the nation’s seaport and its environs for many years.

According to them, the Presidential Taskforce which was chaired by Prof. Osinbajo restored sanity to Apapa. This claim was attested to by workers and residents of Apapa, many of whom said the trucks that have often caused a traffic or gridlock are no more.

They lauded the enforcement of law and order in the movement of tankers, trucks and other heavy duty vehicles in Apapa and its environs.

Commenting on the development in Apapa, the ACTOAN Chairman, Chief Olalaye Thompson, said there was no traffic in Apapa anymore following the intervention of the Presidential Taskforce popularly known as ‘Task Team’, saying the call-up system introduced has been effective in the movement of trucks and other vehicles within Apapa.

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Wale Micaiah, a Twitter user who had previously had a hard time going through the road provided a status update. “Update on Apapa. Dear VP Osinbajo and Governor Sanwo-Olu, I can testify that roads leading to Apapa now wear a new look.

The containers on the bridges are far from sight and driving through Marine Beach today was a new experience. Thank you,” he wrote on his page.

Others used the hashtag, #ApapaDelivered to laud the contribution of the Vice President in providing a lasting solution to the Apapa fiasco. Quoting a tweet by the official handle of the Vice President which showed pictures of the VP flying over Apapa in 2017, they listed the achievements of the Presidential Taskforce.

Tise Somide said it was evident that Prof. Osinbajo has delivered on his promise on Apapa because the road was free of heavy duty trucks and stationery vehicles. She said “I have been seeing testimonials of Apapa and it’s safe to say the efficient, smart thinking Vice President who is people-passionate has once again delivered.”

For Kate Nnaji, Prof. Osinbajo’s impact as chair of the Presidential Taskforce was more than ridding Apapa of trucks. “For those asking what had changed since VP Osinbajo visited Apapa, here are a few things I can point to: Apapa rail extension completed. Cargo terminal and Tincan trailer park built. Onne port dredge and berthed the biggest cargo to ever enter Nigeria.”

Similarly, Dr Guendouzi listed what had been achieved since 2017. He said, “3years and 3 months after Apapa port linked with a rail line. Lagos-Ibadan rail line completed with a spur to Apapa. Ètò mobile call up app launched

But he wasn’t finished. “Trailer part completed. Gbagada-Oshodi-Apapa expressway construction and dredging of Warri port.”

Rachel Banke also had a say in the matter. “#ApapaDelivered. Great news as the Apapa gridlock has been cleared. Thanks to the intervention of the presidential team headed by Osinbajo. Also, kudos to the Lagos State government for their hardwork in restoring stability to Apapa.”

Midas Hand commended both the Vice President and Lagos governor. “I’m very sure some people are not happy about the progress at Apapa. VP Osinbajo has delivered the best. And a very big thank you to Governor Sanwo-Olu too and everyone who worked on this project.”