Catholic Bishops back Kukah

Bishop Matthew Kukah of Sokoto, Nigeria
Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Father Matthew Hassan Kukah

The leadership of the Catholic Church yesterday gave its backing to Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Dr Hassan Kukah, for his comments.

The National Directorate of Social Communications of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria in Abuja, in a statement, urged lovers of truth and justice to rise in defence of Bishop Kukah.

It faulted attacks on him and what it called an attempt to discredit the obvious truth in his message. The church said: “We are quite aware of the 2020 Christmas Message by our revered Bishop Hassan Kukah and the enormous space it has enjoyed on social media and in the public sphere.

“As expected, the agents of evil have gathered to attack the person of the Bishop and to discredit the simple obvious truth of the message.

“This is the stock in trade of evil people. However, they often succeed when good people, Christians, choose to do nothing.”

The church supports Kukah

The church said everyone must stand up for they believed in. Quoting a popular verse by St. Augustine, the church said: “Evil is the absence of good.” It added that Nigerians should add their voices in support of goodness to forestall the reign of evil.

Bishop Mathew Kukah
Bishop Mathew Kukah

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“The truth about our nation is also that there are only two parties now existing: the good and the evil, the oppressed and the oppressor, the suffering people and the benefiting government officers and their families.

“Please stop allowing anyone to fool you with these cards: religion and tribe,” the church said.