OJBEST Footwear: Osinbajo sends aides to Twitter user who tagged him in a tweet

OJBEST Footwear and his team pose with aides of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo
OJBEST Footwear and his team pose with aides of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo
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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday surprised a Twitter user, OJBEST Footwear, when he sent his aides to a Twitter user said he was going to make shoes for him.

OJBEST had made a shoe for the Vice President in a bid to boost his brand and expand his reach but to his surprise the Vice President was informed of the shoe.

The Vice President who has been at the forefront of promoting Made In Nigeria products sent some of his aides to buy more shoes from OJBEST Footwear.

Reacting to the visit and patronage, OJBEST Footwear wrote, “I really want to thank everyone who retweeted my tweet in reference to making shoes for Prof Osinbajo. The tweet got to him and he sent some of his people to my shop today. We talked at length and lot of promising things are coming it. Thank you all my Twitter family,” he wrote on his official page.

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He then added that, “My special thanks goes to Prof Osinbajo for the support and his intention to make my dreams come through, I really cannot thank you enough, may God bless you sir.

“I will still make shoes for Prof Osinbajo and hope to meet him in person as that will fulfill my desire,” he added.

He then took pictures with the aides of the Vice President and he also posted a video as well.

OJBEST Footwear’s first tweet was made on 9 November. In the tweet he urged other users to help him promote his tweet so that the Vice President of Nigeria would see it.

“Dear @ProfOsinbajo, I am a Nigerian entrepreneur who specializes on the production of quality leather shoes from scratch to finish. I will like to make shoes for you and meet you in person to show case my product to the world. I will be grateful if I get a reply.”

At the time of this tweet, OJBEST Footwear never thought that the Vice President would reply to him speak less send his to his office, given that the Vice President is often tagged on thousands of tweets each day but to his surprise the Vice President did more than reply.