I don’t care if anybody insults me – Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Worldwide aka Winners Chapel
Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Worldwide aka Winners Chapel
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Founder and leader of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (aka Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo on Tuesday said he does not care if anybody insults him or not, noting that, such people are wasting their time.

Oyedepo received fierce criticism after he attacked the Federal Government and rejected the Companies and Allied Matters Act, CAMA, that gives the supervising minister the power to remove the board of trustees of churches without recourse to the court.

Oyedepo had said, “In the document, they said the registrar-general can remove the trustees without recourse to the court. Don’t try it.

“This must be from somebody who woke up from the wrong side of the bed after dreaming. The person must have drafted that aspect in the bill as their custom is.

Oyedepo remains unperturbed

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“I am 51 years old in this thing (Christianity), don’t try it. I have been with Jesus for some time and I am sent as a prophet to nations. That a minister can remove the trustees and close the accounts of the church is.”

But Oyedepo, on Tuesday said “I told you, if I ever preach a message where there is no laughter, don’t listen to it. I’ve been laughing like this since 1976 till forever. Since I found Matthew 6:33, I’ve been laughing at the devil, smiling as I serve. You insult me, I enjoy it. You insult me and I stopped going to work because you insulted me, I will be a big fool.

“I am going to work and you say, “see his leg.” Yes, I thank God for my leg. “See his nose.’ He (God) made it and He did it beautifully. “See how short he is.” That’s the size He made me for so I can save more cloths.

“He that sitteth in Heaven shall laugh (Psalm 2:4). If you are not laughing, you are not one of them sitting in Heaven because in Heaven, he that sits there laughs and we are seated in Heavenly places, what should we do? Laugh As you serve: laugh.

“As they insult you: laugh; As they mock you: laugh; As they abuse you: laugh. Anybody insulting me is wasting his mouth: I didn’t hear (the insult). Even if I heard it, it won’t pain me. Anybody praising me is just expressing his opinion

“I didn’t hear it and if I heard, it won’t blow my head because if you praise anything in me, it is Jesus. The greater in me is the One you are praising and you think I’m the one. Thank God for the privilege of stewardship. Ask God for grace to maximize this awesome season in your life. God is changing people’s stories, He has you in mind.”