From France to Nigeria, Versatile C-Mi about to shake tables

French-based Nigerian singer Versatile C-Mi is a different breed of artiste
French-based Nigerian singer Versatile C-Mi is a different breed of artiste

C-mi (pronounced C.M.I), Adegoke Adesimisola Alice is a Nigerian born, France based artist poised to take the Nigerian and French scene by storm. Born on December 27, 1988, her musical talent began at the age of nine when she began to write and compose while leading the children choir in church.

She started recording in 2002 with the notable influence of Mex Ossai who thought her the rudiments of rhyming.

In 2011, her dexterity won her the Bitbender’s freestyle Friday competition in Lagos, Nigeria where she got the beat for her first official single NANI produced by Sleekamo. She relocated to Malaysia in May 2011 where she officially released her first single NANI (featuring Tupengo) and joined the A2 Brothaz now known as FEENIX EMPIRE. That same year, she won the Best Female Artiste for ASAM Awards Malaysia.

C-mi has performed many shows alongside prominent Nigerian artists like 2 Baba, Terry G, Kelly Handsome, Morachi, Reekado Banks, CDQ and Skiibii in Nigeria and on their Europe tours.  She relocated to Paris, France in January 2012 and took a break from performing to focus on song writing and composing. She eventually made a COME BACK with her hit single ‘HIGH’ produced by Gospelondebeats in December 2018, She terms this a prophetic feel good song.

Her latest single currently making wave is titled, I Can’t Breathe Mama, a song dedicated to George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters protest. She is currently working on her EP set to be released later 2020.

Who is C-Mi?

C-Mi is a versatile artist, i am all about positivity and I give positive vibes.

What really do you want to achieve with your music?

I want to give people hope through my music, i want to motivate people to believe in themselves and live the life of their dreams.

Apart from music, do you have any other passion?

Absolutely, I am very passionate about photography, event planning and decorations and i am an intentional parent.

You rap and you sing, but which would you rather be called; a rapper or an Rnb singer?

I do both well, the more reason i like to be referred to as a versatile artist because i am also a songwriter, composer, lyricist and i record most of songs myself in my home studio so i can also pass for an amateur studio engineer, lol…

Nigerian music industry maybe particularly the rap seems to be male dominated, how do you feel as a lady coping in this industry?

Honestly, it is very challenging being a female artist let alone a rapper. I have had a lot of people tell me to change my sound just to be accepted but then i know that my music cannot be accepted by all and this has somehow helped me cope with a lot of rejections. Sadly i have even had people i did business with undermine my efforts, but it’s all a part of the process. I just keep my head up and keep moving no matter what and i truly hope that other artists and creatives learn to appreciate the efforts of everyone trying their best to push themselves to the fore front for the culture and do what they can to make their journey a little easier…

About your latest single, I can’t breathe Mama, and before then you did something for COVID-19, can we call you an activist?

I never realized I had it in me; music has taken me in that direction. I get my inspiration from God so wherever he leads, I follow…

Versatile C-Mi has worked with some of Nigeria's finest artistes including 2 Baba, Terry G and Reekado Banks
Versatile C-Mi has worked with some of Nigeria’s finest artistes including 2 Baba, Terry G and Reekado Banks

Apart from music activism, is there any other way you try to make an impact on these concerns?

Yes, i have individual discussions. I am affiliated with an association in France where I encourage young people to be an agent of change. I even encourage parents to give their children the right orientation because I believe majority of the problems we have in the world starts from families. If we can teach our children and ourselves better, we can treat ourselves better. One individual at a time, the change we need starts with you and I. Love always wins.

What event would you consider your greatest moment ever yet in the music scene?

Oh, I can think of a lot right now but the one that stood out the most for me was when a woman approached me after my performance at an International women’s day event in the city of Troyes, France and she was literally in tears and she held me and said my Music touched the depth of her soul. The amazing thing is that she couldn’t even understand the lyrics but somehow, it spoke to her. It made gave me the affirmation more than ever before that this is what i was born to do!

Which Nigerian artists do you look forward to collaborating with soon?

Davido, Tiwa Savage and Simi

Been a Nigerian in diaspora how do you plan and strategy to communicate with and influence the grassroots Nigeria?

As an independent artist, it is quite challenging but i do the best i can. I have a team I work with in Nigeria; I make it a point of duty to stay connected with people back home. I have my songs playing on the radio, my video showing on TV, and i connect with my fans via social media. I am also planning a trip to Nigeria soon.

How do you unwind?

Sometimes i just chill and watch a movie, read a book and listen to music or hangout with friends.

As a Nigerian who is well travelled what do you think about the current situation of Nigeria, and the Nigerian youth?

There is no need to sugar coat anything; the truth is i am not pleased or happy about the situation of things back home. The Nigerian people deserve better. We wonder when the change we have always hoped and prayed for even as little children would come. The government needs to treat the people better, if they can work on some basic amenities such as electricity, good schools, good roads and transportation. Life would be easier and more productive for an average Nigerian. The Nigerian youths are the most hardworking youths that I know of. Even in the terrible situations we find ourselves born into, we always find a way to make something out of our lives. If you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive anywhere in the world. I was speaking with my younger sister the other day and i just said being alive alone in Nigeria is a struggle.

Dream Big, work hard. Don’t be discouraged by your current situation, everything gets better with time. You will make it! All you have to do is BELIEVE!

What advice do you have for the Nigerian youths?

Dream Big, work hard. Don’t be discouraged by your current situation, everything gets better with time. You will make it! All you have to do is BELIEVE!