SOS!!! Prosper Chinonso, 6, needs N25m for bone marrow operation

Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso needs N25 million for bone marrow transplant
Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso needs N25 million for bone marrow transplant

Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso is not just your regular six-year old boy, he is an industrious and full of life six-year old boy.

He has big dreams and great visions, he hopes to rewrite history someday by saving the world but all that could be truncated if he does not get a bone marrow operation quick.

He needs about N25 million today for a Stem Cell Bone Marrow Transplant in India.

His family is shattered, they have done all they could but funds are scarce, this is why they are calling on Nigerians home and abroad to help save Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso from dying.

He was diagnosed at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) with a disease known as Severe Aplastic Aneamia.

Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso in his father's arms
Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso in his father’s arms

Aplastic anemia is a blood disorder disease which causes continuous shortage of the three blood cells such as PCV (packed cells volume), Platelets and WBC (white blood cells).

The symptom of aplastic anemia makes Prosper to bleed blood from the mouth, nose, eyes, anus and urinates blood. As result of the bleeding from the eyes, one side of his eye has been affected that he couldn’t see with one of his eyes. At the moment, Prosper bleeds internally in the heart and which have caused him difficulty in breathing, his father says.

“From the 2nd week of January 2019, when he was diagnosed till date, my son has been in and out of various hospitals in Nigeria in search of cure for blood and blood products transfusion.

“In all little Prosper has been transfused with 132 pints of platelets concentrates and 68 pints of packed cells and whole blood. In fact, as it is now, my son undergoes blood and blood products transfusion on weekly basis and that shows he now depends on blood transfusion to be to live.

His father says medical report and research has stated that the permanent solution to this sickness is BONE MARROW MARROW STEM CELLS TRANSPLANT. Bone marrow stem cells transplant treatment is not done in Nigeria.

Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso needs N25 million for bone marrow transplant
Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso needs N25 million for bone marrow transplant

Through the help of prosper’s doctor, a hospital has been contacted in India where the bone marrow transplant can be successfully done. Please see the cost estimation on the table below:

1) Pre-examination and laboratory fees cost $2,500 USD.


3) Cost of harvesting stem cells from donor (this donor will be Prosper’s siblings) costs $4,500 USD

4) Cost of visa, flight tickets, accommodation, feeding costs for prosper and his care-giver (which is one of Prosper’s parent and sibbling ( stem cells donor) to accompany him for the medical treament.)
Costs $7,000 USD


6) DURATION FOR THE MEDICAL TRIP:Pre and post operation days is estimated for 3-5 months stay in India.

Total cost: $45,000 USD.

“Financially, my family is already exhausted and cannot afford this huge medical bill required to save the life of my son from this wicked disease,” his father said.

“Therefore, the family and my son (prosper) is soliciting and begging well-meaning Nigerians, national and state government, charity and non-governmental bodies, corporate organizations, individuals and spirited Nigerians to kindly come to my aid and please help save my son from dying.”

Prosper’s Mother: 07038550570
Prosper’s Father: 09036931286

Account Name: Prosper Chiebuka Chinonso
Account Number: 1241299756
Bank Name: Access Bank Plc