Entrepreneur Andrew Yang ends presidency bid

Democratic presidential candidate and entrepreneur Andrew Yang
Democratic presidential candidate and entrepreneur Andrew Yang

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang has ended his bid for the presidency after vote in New Hampshire primary that was won by front runner Bernie Sanders.

Yang was widely regarded as a breakthrough candidate who surpassed the expectation of many as he outlasted sitting senators, former governors and other lifelong politicians as political newcomer.

Yang has never held an elected position, yet generated a strong following that carried him through multiple Democratic debates.

A short time after the polls closed in New Hampshire, Yang spoke to his supporters.

“While there is great work left to be done — you know I am the MATH guy — it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race. I am not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a race that we will not win,” he said.

“And so tonight, I am announcing I am suspending my campaign for president.”

An hour ahead of his announcement, he tweeted his appreciation for his supporters.

“My goal when I first started running was to solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected,” he said Tuesday night in New Hampshire. “In order to do that, I will support whoever is the Democratic nominee.”

Yang ran on a promise to deliver the “Freedom Dividend,” his signature universal basic income policy that would give $1000 a month to every American over the age of 18 who opts in.

Despite it being one of the main reasons people were drawn to his campaign, the idea never caught on among his fellow Democratic candidates.