VIDEO: DSS, Police seize elderly couple’s property in Lagos

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Mr and Mrs Adeoye have called on the President, Vice President, senators and others to come to their rescue after operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) and police stormed their Event Centre in Lagos and seized it.

The elderly couple in a video that is going viral explained that on 18 April 2019, some operatives of the DSS and Police stormed their event centre and claimed that the rightful owner wanted to take over the property.

The couple said they protested both the forceful entrance and the ownership claim but before they knew it, the DSS operatives had ordered her husband to seat on the ground after which they seized his phone from him.

Mr and Mrs Adeoye were stunned when DSS and police stormed their property on Egbe road, Ejigbo, Lagos
Mr and Mrs Adeoye were stunned when DSS and police stormed their property on Egbe road, Ejigbo, Lagos

Seeing what had happened, Mrs Adeoye quickly went to Ejigbo Police Station to explain what was happening to their property.

On arriving at the police station she said she was tossed around by the police officials but after a long wait she met with the DPO.

She said the DPO said she could not intervene in the matter because it was a land dispute.

In an amateur video recorded by the couple, she said, “Good Afternoon Nigerians. I am Mrs Adeoye, I run an event centre on No. 33, Egbe Road, Ejigbo, Oke Afa, Lagos. We have been operating this property for almost 12 years but unfortunately on the 18th of April, we saw SARS men in uniform fully armed with some men in mufti too”.

We saw them jumping over our property at No. 30 Egbe Road, that is meant to be the parking lot for our event centre. We approached them to ask what was happening, only for one Miyaki Alfa to be telling us that he led the SARS men from Abuja to the land, that the owner of the land wants to take possession.

Watch how DSS, Police seized their property

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