Check Out: Christmas tree made from knives, bullets and lighters

The Christmas tree
The Christmas tree

If you are feeling festive – a Christmas tree – might well be twinkling away in your living room or hallway.

But we bet the decorations hanging from it don’t include knives, cigarette lighters and bullets.

Vilnius Airport in Lithuania has unveiled its alternative festive tree – made entirely of items confiscated from passengers.

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The tree which is 1.5m (5ft) tall took just over two weeks to create – but it’s not just been done for the novelty value.

“The aim is to send an educational message on the importance of aviation security,” said a spokesperson from Vilnius Airport.

“The items are prohibited to carry in hand luggage and were taken away from passengers during screening. Knives, scissors, lighters, blades, and all sorts of other dangerous goods.

“So if you don’t want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on next year’s Christmas tree, better check out the baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight.”