Nigerians mock Festus Adedayo for telling lies, peddling falsehood

Festus Adedayo, was dropped as an aide to Senate President Ahmed Lawan after a public outcry against his negative precedence
Festus Adedayo, was dropped as an aide to Senate President Ahmed Lawan after a public outcry against his negative precedence

Nigerians on social media have called out journalist and columnist, Mr. Festus Adedayo for making a mockery of himself by peddling outright lies and falsehood.

Most of them who aired their opinion via Tiwtter described Mr. Adedayo’s act as shameful and disgraceful, particularly because he has not being able to answer questions posed to him.

Mr. Adedayo had in an article titled, ‘The Trials of Brother Osinbajo’, claimed that the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo had prayed that his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari died during his sick leave in the UK.

Reacting to the article, Mr Nsikan Nkordeh wrote on Twitter, “Dr. Festus Adedayo is a disgrace. Why fabricating lies to put a wedge between Osibanjo and the tyrant. Really shameful,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user, Tunde believes that Mr Adedayo has been compromised. “Mr Akande know for free that dubious characters like Festus Adedayo will not answer your questions; not because he won’t see it but because he is someone who wants to fan the fire just to gain cheap popularity, and I bet he’s a man who has sold his soul for money.”

Kemisola Adekunle demanded that Mr Adedayo upholds the ethics of journalism and answer the questions he was asked. “Festus Adedayo be sensible enough to answer Laolu’s questions and stop beating about the bush to further accentuate your drowned dignity/integrity.”

Prince Nuhu Momoh was of the opinion that Mr Adedayo might not be feeling well. He tweeted this, “You can be taking it as a joke, but please go and check yourself because that is how it will start, taking someone’s matter to heart can cause blood pressure.

Tise Somide had more harsh words for Mr Adedayo. “Festus Adedayo is a crook and no one clearly believes his lies about the VP. This consistent fake news against the VP shows he’s a great man indeed. Despite efforts to bring him down, he will forever be at the top.”

As at the time of filing this report, Mr Adedayo was yet to respond to the questions raised by Mr Laolu Akande, the spokesperson to the Vice President.

Mr Akande has asked Mr Adedayo some pertinent questions. “He claimed that the Vice President, together with some Redeemed Church ‘accomplices’, gathered to pray at some place unstated in his home State of Ogun, at a date that was not indicated, for the purpose of interceding for the VP to become President, and by extension, hoping for, or seeking the death of the President.

“So where exactly in Ogun State did this prayer session take place, and when? Was it in a church, in which case there would likely be an audio recording? Who are the prominent pastors or other persons involved that can testify to what transpired – what are their names? Who is the “strong Buhari ally” who made a surprise appearance at the gathering and brought the story back to Mr. President? If, as Adedayo claims, the VP has been hounding and haranguing this Buhari ally since then, why is it so difficult for him to cry out and publicize his strange discovery?