Kenya rage at police brutality after viral video

The video shows Kenya police officers beating a student
The video shows Kenya police officers beating a student
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Kenyans have expressed outrage after a video of police officers beating a student was widely shared online.

Four policemen can be seen hitting him with a stick and stamping on his head, before he is led away.

The four have now been identified and suspended, police chief Hilary Mutyambai has said.

Kenya’s police are often accused of brutality, although the authorities usually deny such charges, saying their officers are highly trained.

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Human Rights Watch said that during the 2017 election campaign, police officers beat and killed opposition supporters.

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The incident on Monday that was captured on video was filmed during a protest at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, close to the capital, Nairobi.

The police had been deployed there after students held a demonstration against rising insecurity.

The film of the beating has been widely shared on Twitter, with people using the hashtag #StopPoliceBrutality.

“We must condemn police brutality on students. I mean for God’s sake this is just a student not a terrorist,” Ispan Kimutai tweeted.

“We must also ask ourselves why university students have to be met with excessive force every time they come out to protest,” Muthuri Kathure wrote.

Announcing the identification and suspension of the police officers involved, the police chief commended “the individual who had the presence of mind to record the incident and [I] thank all Kenyans who made it go viral”.

Earlier, Mr Mutyambai, described what happened as an “unfortunate incident”.

All police officers had “been trained on the need to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms”, he said.