SERAP to sue AMAC over life pension for chairmen, speakers

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Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, (SERAP) says it will challenge the illegality of awarding life pensions to chairmen and speakers of Abuja Municipal Area Council.

SERAP said the chairman of AMAC, Hon. Abdullahi Candido, had reportedly signed an edict that will pay life pensions to AMAC’s chairmen and speakers.

The life pensions for chairmen is N500,000 yearly while the vice chairmen will get N300,000 and speakers will pocket N200,000.

“Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, Hon. Abdullahi Candido, reported signing of an edict to pay life pensions to AMAC’s chairs and speakers is unconstitutional and illegal,” SERAP said vowing to challenge the decision by Candido in court.

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“AMAC should’ve signed edict to improve access of children in Abuja to quality education. We’ll see AMAC in court soon,” a tweet on SERAP’s official account read.

SERAP said the action by the chairman is akin to that of former governors who have tried to grant themselves life pensions.

“Like ex-governors, local governments are now granting life pensions to chairmen, etc as chair of AMAC reportedly signed an edict on payment of life pension. Chairmen: N500,000 yearly Vice chair: N300,000 yearly and Speakers: N200,000 yearly We’ll challenge this illegality in court.

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