Xenophobia: Anambra Assembly wants compensation for victims


The Anambra House of Assembly on Friday urged the Federal Government to ensure that the South African Government adequately compensate Nigerians, whose investments and businesses were looted and vandalised.

The assembly’s resolution followed a motion raised under Matters of Urgent Public Importance by Dr Timothy Ifedioranma (Njikoka lI), on the floor of the House in Awka.

Ifedioranma described the South Africans attacks on Nigerians as barbaric, cruel, nefarious, inhuman, and crime against humanity.

He said that such act deserved total condemnation in the strongest possible terms.

“Businesses owned by foreigners, predominantly Nigerians, resident in Johannesburg, Jeppestown, Durban and other parts of South Africa were subjected to attacks.

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“This resulted in loss of lives and valuable property, as well as rendering over 5,000 people internally displaced.

“We appreciate the frantic efforts by the Federal Government to recall the Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa, shunning the World Economic Forum on Africa hosted by S/A, as well as assisting Nigerians wishing to leave the country.

“The Banjul Charter of 1986 indicates that citizens of the member states, who are parties to the charter, are entitled to rights to freedom from discrimination, life, human dignity and ownership of property.

“We call on the government to rise to the challenge of protecting the lives of Nigerians in the Diaspora and ensure that their businesses and property are well protected,” he said.

Contributing, Dr Pete Ibida (Njikoka ll), said that Nigeria played a vital role in the socioeconomic and political emancipation of South Africa.

Ibida said that their attacks on Nigerians were not only regrettable, but should be condemned.

“Our people do not deserve the kind of treatment they are getting from the South Africans. The government should do more to secure the lives of our people.

“The South African Government should be made to compensate those who lost their lives, businesses and properties in its country,” he said.

In his opinions, Mr Obinna Emenaka (Anambra East), said the senseless attacks on Nigerians and other foreigners showed that South Africa Government had failed to guarantee the security of people in their country, as stipulated by the African Charter.

Also, Mr Emeka Aforka, (Orumba North), urged the Federal Government to charge the South African Government to the International Court.

According to him, the South African Government should not go scot-free; they should be sanctioned for their actions.

Commenting, Mr Nonso Okafor (Nnewi North), urged the international community to prevail on South Africa with adequate sanctions, to serve as deterrent and prevent reprisal attacks.

Okafor also urged the government at all levels to prioritise the welfare of the citizens.

He said governments should urgently facilitate the recovery of the nation’s economy to reduce the rate at which Nigerians migrate to other countries for greener pastures.

The Speaker of the House, Mr Uche Okafor, said there was an urgent need to halt the sufferings of Nigerians in South Africa.