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Unearth that gift in your child by Madame Olieh



Madame Olieh Connect Easter edition was the fourth since it commenced

By Madame Olieh

Hello parents,

I am writing this to encourage any parent whose child is having academic challenges and they feel that he or she is not giving his or her best in school. Sometimes that might actually not be the case at all.

Long time ago there was a child among many siblings who in this case was never serious, always playful and talked too much. When her brothers and sisters came first, second or third she was always around the bottom rung of her class.


Her mother eventually got tired and almost gave up on her becoming successful in life, such was the level of unattachment she displayed towards structured academic activities.

Imagine the contrast then that as unexpected as it is, she has graduated from not just a College of Education but the University and currently has a master’s degree.

Wow, did I hear you say? Who says your children can’t carve out their own path towards success and personal development. If the little girl of yesterday can niche her own business and stand out in whatever else she attempts to do, then absolutely nothing can stop your child as well.

Believe me, If Madame Olieh can, then your child can too. Mummies and Daddies, please, please and please don’t give up on that child you think is not trying all of us could not possibly come first.


Let us learn to critically study the child, their strengths, and weaknesses then help nurture and work on them.

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Fret less about how you would pay their school fees but rather continually encourage them to pray concerning every situation; these children have powerful angels that help their prayers to be answered quickly.

Above all, never give up on your child. Yes, we are restless, playful, naughty, and stubborn but we all have something that is special about us.


This is just to encourage someone out there. We would make it and all our children would be great.

Never give up on your children. We would be all GREAT.

We Connect! Have a great day.

Madame Buky Olieh is an educator, child psychologist, French tutor and master of ceremony

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