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2019 Election

VIDEO: Malaysian Pastor, Jonathan David, predicts Buhari’s victory

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Malaysian pastor, Dr Jonathan David has predicted President Muhammadu Buhari's victory

Pastor David who prayed fervently for Nigeria said God told him that Nigeria is on the path of righteousness and will not return to corruption.

The Malaysian pastor charged his congregation to pray for Nigeria, describing it as their gift to the most populous black nation in the world.

Dr David also predicted that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, will serve for four or five  more terms, by which time, Nigeria would have been a force to reckon with globally.

“With what God is doing in Nigeria, it will become the food basket to provide resources, it is going to replenish the land and their money will change nations, their money will rebuild cities, with the resources that they have and the people that they have, God will begin to use them as a model nation,” he said in a YouTube video.


“Moving them out of corruption into righteousness, moving them from a place of poverty to a place of wealth, moving them back on the ladders of promotion because righteousness will strike at the heart of every corruption and the world of the enemy is going to cease. I see Nigeria rising, this is a new day in Nigeria, this is a new day and new hour, no more turning back.”

He then confirmed that President Buhari will be re-elected. “It is not just one term, God is going to extend the term, he is going to push it again and again and again. Righteousness will be the order of the day, the one coming after General Buhari is taking his Presidency to the next level and the next one coming and the next one coming in, God says there are four or five terms.

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“God is going to give for or five terms into Nigeria, so that Nigeria will completely turn around. Not just for this general alone, not for this present President alone, there will be another four or five more, they will continue to bring reformation across the earth, they will continue to bring transformation, so that Nigeria will not just rise for a short moment and become like a shooting star and then disappear out of context, God is saying I’m going to build an enduring house in Nigeria.


“He is going to remove the powers of death, corruption and corrupt men are no longer going to work on the soil. God touched the soil and he says it’s fertile, he touched the soil and he says it is holy because he is coming down by the power of the spirit.

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo during APC Next Level campaign in Ekiti on Tuesday
President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo during APC Next Level campaign in Ekiti on Tuesday

“He is going to bring about new change because he is going to give hope back to Nigeria. He is going to give hope to Africa, if Nigeria can change, the whole of Africa can change. God is saying this is the message I am going to send to the whole of Africa and turn things around in a powerful way.

President Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo are seeking re-election in this week’s presidential polls.

The Nigerian presidential election holds on 16 February.

In continuation of his prophecy, he said, God will remove corrupt men, remove things of negativity and God will begin to sow righteousness and break up the fallow ground. I see that they will rise in agriculture in a very powerful way, I see people will not be poor any more, the ground will make them rich, the ground in Nigeria will become fruitful.


“We speak to the ground in Nigeria, let oil come forth, let minerals come forth, let live food come forth, let all kind of blessings come forth and God will begin to bless the land because he has redeemed the land in a powerful way.

“Nigeria, you shall be grate again, Nigeria, you shall be strong again, this is our word to you in the name of Jesus.

“Every Nigerian that hear this prophecy begin to take courage. It is not by race that we agree, it is not the north winning, it is not the south winning, it is not the southwest winning, God is in control. He wants everyone to be a champion, he wants everyone to be a leader so that the nation will be filled with the resources of heaven and reformation that will take place.

“Transformation that will take place and it will become a model nation in the four or five terms to come. Men that will create strive will no longer be around because God will judge them and remove the power, he will judge them and remove the influence, so that the new generation that is rising will not look up to corrupt men, they are not going to look to recycled leadership material,” he added

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