Nigerians praise Falz for speaking the truth in #Talk

Falz has been hailed for his new video #Talk
Falz has been hailed for his new video #Talk
Falz has been hailed for his new video #Talk
Falz has been hailed for his new video #Talk

Nigerians have taken to social media to praise singer Falz for speaking the truth in his newly released video, #Talk.

Falz who was sometimes compared to Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, was hailed for speaking the truth on politics, National Youth Service Corps, internet fraudsters among others.

The newly released was a follow up to his 2018 hit, This Is Nigeria which was modeled after This Is America.

Falz also had a dig at political parties and the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) that threatened to take him to court for using dancers wearing hijab in his video.

Taking to social media, many labelled Falz the voice of the voiceless and modern day Fela.

Commenting on the video, Chemical Boy wrote, “Get your self a lawyer like Falz, the Fela of our time. He dragged APC, he dragged PDP, he dragged MURIC, he dragged Buhari, he dragged politicians, he dragged fraudsters, he dragged runs girls, he dragged everybody” He #Talk him mind.

Melvin Ige shared similar sentiments. “Falz just dragged MURIC, politicians, Yahoo boys, Buhari, senators, government, NYSC concerning allowance, girls turning their body to cash and carry, pastors spending extravagantly while watching their members suffer, tribalist in one song. Fela of the new era #Talk.

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Kemi Ariyo was more concerned with the attack on President Buhari. “Falz summarized all you need to know about President Buhari’s administration in 3:28mins music video. Yes, the truth hurts, but someone just have to say it. ” Falz #Talk is the TRUTH!”

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