Atiku thanks Bishop Oyedepo for his prayers

Atiku Abubakar shaking hands with Bishop David Oyedepo
Atiku Abubakar shaking hands with Bishop David Oyedepo
Atiku Abubakar shaking hands with Bishop David Oyedepo
Atiku Abubakar shaking hands with Bishop David Oyedepo

Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has singled out Bishop David Oyedepo for praise after former President Olusegun Obasanjo endorsed him as ‘President-to-be’.

Atiku was accompanied to Obasanjo’s residence in Abeokuta, Ogun state by Oyedepo who is the general overseer of Faith Tabernacle (Winners Chapel) on Thursday.

Taking to Twitter after the successful outing, Atiku, a former Vice President thanked Oyedepo.

“Thank you for the prayers, Bishop Oyedepo. God bless Nigeria,” he tweeted along with a picture of the duo shaking hands.

While Atiku was singing the praise of Oyedepo many Nigerians had different opinion of the clergy’s association with politicians especially those have been accused of corruption.

The Village Headmaster wrote, “So Bishop Oyedepo can now sit next to a Fulani man? This is Wonderful! So now the herdsmen crisis can be taken away from the Fulani tribe!!!!! And as for Our daddy Obasanjo he should remember that he said God will never forgive him for supporting Atiku! LOL!”

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The Godfather also had something to say. “I saw Oyedepo in a Fulani styled attire smiling and grinning from ear to ear to meet with a “non Fulani” Atiku after all his diatribe against a Fulani Buhari. These men are shameless and it is the ones who listens to them that I pity the most.”

Sanni Rabiu offered a different thinking on the matter. “If all pastors claim to serve a God, why are they having different prophesies . That is to say they are not serving one God. Oyedepo is not representing the Christian populace but himself.”

Mr Kermit recanted an unpopular speech by the clergy. “Bishop Oyedepo once said that if you see a Fulani man near your house, you should shoot him….. Today, he saw a Fulani man, showed his 32 to him, hugged him and then had lunch with him.”

But there were others who differed. Olayinka tried to explain the Bishop’s role in all this. “Oyedepo is way better richer than atiku himself, he plainly has nothing to gain in politics but rather he’s soliticiting for Nigerians.”