Constituency Projects: Saraki fails to lead by example, rejects Tracka request

The constituency office of Senate President, Bukola Saraki has refused to oblige requests made by Tracka

The constituency office of Senate President, Bukola Saraki has refused to oblige requests made by Tracka

The constituency office of Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki has refused to respond to questions from transparency platform, Tracka.

Saraki appears to have failed to lead by example given that some lawmakers have provided similar information to the transparency platform.

Reacting to the Senate President’s silence, Tracka tweeted, “Dear Sen @bukolasaraki it’s 13 days already, you’re yet to respond to our request.

“We are requesting for the implementation status of the projects you nominated in 2017 budget. We will appreciate your urgent response to this request. FG has released 70% funds. #AskQuestions.”

In response to Tracka, Olayinka Ibrahim, Director of Projects, ABS Mandate Constituency Office referred Tracka to the Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs in charge of the project instead of provide evidence of the nominated projects.

“@TrackaNG , I refer you again to the MDAs in charge of the procurement processes, execution and fund releases for d projects. Regards.”

Having received responses from other lawmakers, Tracka demanded that Mr Ibrahim responds directly to the platform. “Dear @SPNigeria we will appreciate you respond to our letter directly. We reject this response coming from the Director General of Projects. The people of your senatorial district are concerned about these projects. Elected reps must be accountable to the people they represent.”

But Tracka’s response did not go down well with some supporters of Saraki and they promptly vented their anger. I am Baba Idris a supporter of Saraki described Tracka’s request as scrap disguised as activism.

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“Bros, learn and relearn, I commended him for misleading himself and not because he said something meaningful. No Representative is paid constituency allowances abeg….i can see that you have fallen for such crap called activism.”

He insisted that Tracka go to MDAs as Saraki was not going to provide anything. “They don’t understand that simple logic and I’m also calling them out to learn administrative processes before taking up the job of accountability and transparency.

He was not done as he tried to reply everyone who countered Saraki. “They don’t want noise but as you know that we will always make noise whenever due process is missing in any step taken towards Saraki because he is Saraki.

But Nigerians on Twitter were also going to prove their point. Many insisted that Saraki toes the line of other senators who have responded with their projects.

“Hahahahahahaha pettiness is all I see. Ur oga is the Senate president abi 🙄 why can’t he show some level of maturity? Well I don’t blame so many of u under him. Na una work una dey do so anything must be this petty,” Tailor Igbalode HGCLOTHING tweeted.

Adding that, “You haven’t answered my question yet and I’m not even prolonging the issue the way u are. What do u make of the senators who have responded to them? Are u saying they don’t know their functions again?

Shogsy also had some concerns. “If constituency projects cannot be accounted for …are these the kind of people that want to aspire to rule nigeria? 😂😂😂😂

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Below are some responses to Tracka’s request by federal lawmakers.

“Good afternoon @TrackaNG considering the nature of your request. Kindly find attached details of the Constituency Intervention Projects executed in Lagos East Senatorial District by various agencies of Government.”

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