Drake reveals he has a son in new album ‘Scorpion’

Drake's 23-track album Scorpion is somewhat revealing

In a double album, US rapper Drake reveals that he has a son he kept away from public space for personal reasons and for his own safety.

Drake’s album, Scorpion is enjoying rave reviews online and one line stands out. “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid”.

The yet-to-be-released album also features an unreleased track of Michael Jackson.

Sources told TMZ that the track — titled “Don’t Matter to Me” — is actually a previously unreleased MJ song that Drake raps and sings along with.

The format is similar to the 2014 song, “Love Never Felt So Good” … which was a Jackson tune turned into a duet with Justin Timberlake.

Drake’s new album, “Scorpion,” will be available everywhere June 29 … and the tracklist shows the King of Pop isn’t the only superstar featured — Jay-Z will showcase his talents as well.

The #6 track listed on the album was released a few weeks back, and the music video’s already racked up more than 25 million views thanks to the ‘Degrassi’ cast reunion aspect.

We have a feeling “Don’t Matter to Me” might get even more, though.

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