PEBEC report shows Buhari’s commitment to economy – Osinbajo

Nigeria's acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo says PEBEC will create an enabling business environment

Nigeria’s acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo says PEBEC will create an enabling business environment

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the federal government is building an enabling business environment in its journey of national transformation.

Prof Osinbajo noted that the signing of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) has made it easier to do business in Nigeria.

At the launch of the 2018 Executive Order (EO1) report of PEBEC at the Banquet Hall in the State House, Abuja he explained that the six directives contained in the Executive Order addresses limitations identified in the civil and public service systems.

He noted that it also tried to address the issue of transparency; default Approval, which has to do with efficiency; One Government, which also is an efficiency issue; the Entry Experience of Visitors and Travels; Port Operations and Registration of Businesses.

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“Now this success is a testament to the importance of the Executive Order as a blueprint for fundamental government reform and demonstrates how quickly impact can be made with systemic intervention and unwavering government commitment.

“But perhaps most importantly, our successes so far demonstrate the game-changing effect of executive legislative and judicial cooperation, as well as collaboration between us (Federal government), state governments and, of course, the private sector.

“So, today significant legislative and judicial reforms have been achieved working closely with the National Assembly and the judiciary.

“What is most important is that we are on this journey of building an enabling business environment.

“It is perhaps even more a journey of national transformation, because what we are talking about is changing attitudes that have long been entrenched. We are talking about changing mindsets. Because it is not just about putting in place systems, it is more about changing the way people think.

“If people have, for years thought that, “when I am in a position in a regulator, it means that this is also a position where I can bully people and make money for myself and all of that.”

“If people have and have had that impression for years, it would take a while, and those who they deal with also believe that, yes, perhaps they have a right to actually do what they are doing.

“So, it takes a while to be able to change that. And part of it, of course, is ensuring that there is consequence for misbehaviour. And this is one of the issues that the President himself has asked that we take a good look at.

“He believes very strongly that we must look at how it is that those who do not comply with instructions and orders, that are found to be misbehaving in one way or the other, should be sanctioned appropriately.”

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