Nigeria: Police arrest headteacher who ties students to cross and flog them

A policeman inOgun state, Southwest Nigeria intervened when he saw students tied to a cross

A headteacher, an administrator and a teacher have been arrested in Ogun state, Southwest Nigeria for tying students to a cross and flogging them.

The three tied schoolchildren to crosses and whipped them for arriving late until a policeman saw the punishment and intervened.

Distressing pictures show a male and female student tied to makeshift crosses with green string – something akin to Jesus tied to the cross.

The incident happened on Wednesday as a policeman, named by Punch Nigeria as Livinus, was driving past the school.

Seeing the students tied up and being beaten, he went to the principal – named as Afolayan Joseph – and demanded the children be released.

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Another student is tied to a cross before she is flogging for late coming

Livinus said: ‘He refused, saying there was nothing anybody could tell him that would make him to release them.

“When I tried to untie the pupils, the proprietor and his teachers beat me up.”

Before I returned from picking handcuffs from my car, they had grabbed a friend who was with me and beaten him up with a horsewhip,” he explained.

Eventually, with help from passersby, Livinus said he was able to arrest Joseph and two others who have not been named.

A police spokesman said: “I don’t see any offence that a secondary school pupil will commit that will make someone to tie him or her and be flogging them in public.

“The act is no longer a corrective measure; it is a barbaric act and it will not be allowed in the 21st century.”

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