Kiss Daniel looking for fan that returned diamond chain

Kiss Daniel's 'Fly Boy' diamond chain is worth around N14 million
Kiss Daniel’s ‘Fly Boy’ diamond chain is worth around N14 million

The Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel is looking for the fan who handed back a very valuable chain during his performance.

He posted on Instagram the moment the fan in the front row gave back the chain: “I really wanna appreciate the fan that gave back my chain when it fell off last night. That’s a fortune right there.”

He went on to ask fans to ask find the person for him: “Tag Him pls, I have something for him.”

Online news websites in Nigeria say the necklace really could be worth a fortune – 14m naira ($39,000; £28,000), to be precise.

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The jewellery designer Olusola Awujoola posted a close up of the necklace on his Instagram feed recently:

Kiss Daniel recording artist, performer and entertainer best known for his chart-topping single “Woju”.

He was formally signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment in 2013, he left the company in November 2017 to create his own record label, Fly Boy Inc.