Drama as John McAfee takes over APC Nigeria Twitter account

John McAfee has taken over APC Nigeria Twitter account

Its drama and more drama as a certain John McAfee has taken over APC Nigeria Twitter account as more confusion grow over its ownership and originality.

McAfee has stuck to the @APCNigeria Twitter username but has changed the profile to “Crуptо Рroponent. Urging true believers tо stаnd firm аgаinst the onslаught of bаnks and govеrnmеnts.”

Reports had claimed that Philip Obin who manages the account sold it to a White man who is believed to be John McAfee. Obin, however, dismissed the reports claiming that the account was hacked.

According to reports, Obin had demanded that the All Progressives Congress pay him N20,000,000 (twenty million naira) in exchange for the @APCNigeria Twitter account which he has been managing since inception.

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John McAfee now manages the APC Nigeria Twitter account

The ruling party was only willing to pay him, N5,000,000 (five million naira) for ownership and transfer of the account.

What makes the matter more intriguing is that the All Progressive Congress national publicity secretary, Bolaji Abdullahi has said the @APCNigeria Twitter account is not the official Twitter acoount of the party.

“For the upteenth time, @APCNigeria IS NOT the official Twitter handle of the All Progressives Congress (APC). In several official statements, we have disclaimed that handle. We view this latest development as a case of criminal impersonation,” he tweeted.

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