Cee C divides #BBNaija as Khloe, Anto, Lolu are evicted

Cee C is the centre of attraction in the Big Brother Naija house

If Big Brother Naija was a movie Cee C would be the lead actress. She knows how to keep everyone on their toes, from her housemates to the viewers and even Big Brother.

People love to hate her and hate to love her but somehow she remains in the house and could well win the grand prize of N45 million which will be announced during the grand finale on Sunday.

Comments about her on social media never stops. There’s love in some quarters and hate in other quarters. But Cee C would have a say in what the outcome is, she always has a say.

On Twitter, some viewers think she is not a strong woman and will not make a good wife or sister in-law but others think she is strong willed and has got girl power.

Showing love for Cee C, BBanalyst wrote, “I will vote for Cee-C, the liar, the Delilah, witch, dwarf, bitter and scorned woman, she needs a little love, I love her team, they stood by her amidst the flaws & believed & turned me into a believer. She is competitive, strong & what u see is what u get with her.

Mukondi Murathi wants every woman to back Cee C for obvious reasons. “#BBNaija I beg every woman out there whether you watch the show or not please vote for Cee C and let a woman win this season, if not for anything for our species sake, pleeeeaseeeeeeeee!” she appealed.

Tcee is not having any of it. “Cee C’s attitude drove away everyone from her. How will you say she’s a strong woman, would you have encouraged your daughter to behave like Cee C? Very soon she will say she’s a feminist and mislead young ladies,” he wrote.

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Mffo Jenniphar thinks along the same line. “Those of you that constantly connect Cee C’s rotten attitude to strength, I hope y’all marry wives as strong as her, amen anyone?” she tweeted.

Anto, Lolu and Khloe were evicted from Big Brother Naija on Sunday

And there are those who thinks she needs help. “My own is I hope Cee C finds help after big brother. Cos with the hate that is waiting for her on social media I hope it doesn’t push her to suicide or depression,” Cinderella Man wrote.

And JJ Omojua had something for her team. “Credit to Cee C’s fans though. They put their mouth and money into it.”

Meanwhile, three housemates, Khloe, Anto and Lolu have been evicted from the Big Brother Naija house in the last live eviction show of this season.

The three housemates received the least percentage votes compared to fellow nominated housemates Miracle (44.33) and Cee C (27.88).

Anto faced her second eviction from the show after she was brought back into the Big Brother house through a “Bring Back” twist deployed by Big Brother earlier in the show.

In her initial eviction, she found out that her love, Lolu, had a relationship outside the house. They worked out things since her return the house.

Anto, who expressed disappointment over her eviction, said at the reality TV show, that she was willing to pursue a relationship outside the house with Lolu.

Lolu received the highest per cent of votes (22.23) compared to his fellow evicted housemates.

Khole faced her first eviction after she was initially disqualified alongside her partner K-Brule.

She received the highest percentage of votes to be brought back into the house, promising to dominate the show and fellow housemate Cee c.

Khloe who received the least of votes (1.89%) this time, surprisingly reserved praise for Cee c during the live eviction show.

She told the host of the eviction show Ebuka Uchendu that Cee c had a soft heart despite popular misconceptions about her attitude.

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