The foolery of Fayose’s court jester by Uche Diala

Former governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti has mocked Governor Amosun of Ogun on Twitter
Former Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose

By Uche Diala

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

We do not intend to join issues with the assistant clown of the Ekiti Court who confuses notoriety for popularity but we are committed to showing well meaning Nigerians what a lousy lot some of these folks are.

This loquacious and unpatriotic individual – Lere Olayinka seeking for notice and some of his ilks are asking to be shown one project President Buhari has started and completed in 3 years. What a dry joke?

Well no one has either their time or time to count. The projects and activities of the Buhari Administration are every where for sensible and sincere people to see. Those blinded by hate and dirty partisanship of course will not see them and we can’t cure their willful blindness.

The Abuja Airport Runway for one was started by the Buhari Administration and completed even before deadline.

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A rare feat in this clime for a Government project to be completed before schedule and at a much reduced cost than earlier budgeted. Or is that one not a project?

This their misadventure simply shows that they have no clue whatsoever how Government should work. That Government is a continuum. No wonder they keep groping about in arrogant ignorance.

Which responsible Government would leave Projects uncompleted scattered all over the place (from Roads to Bridges to Rail to Power etc) as was the case when this Administration came into office and start new ones that it probably won’t complete? If not an irresponsible government.

That’s what we’ve been used to for decades and now it seems normal to us. But President Buhari is a different breed. He understands the rudiments of governance and won’t be distracted.

Meanwhile programs and projects are not only limited to physical Infrastructure but also interventions that impact directly on the lives of the citizenry especially the poorest of the poor and which seek to empower the Youth, develop Human Capital and rebuild the hitherto obliterated middle class like the N-power program, Free School Feeding program, Agricultural support for Farmers, the Conditional Cash Transfer program and other Social Intervention Programs (SIPs) of this administration amongst others.

The Buhari Administration is resolutely committed to completing all abandoned and uncompleted Projects it inherited. It has started some vital projects of its own no doubt which are running while at the same time, moving on numerous other projects started by the last Administration and some before that which were either abandoned or uncompleted.

Some of these projects have been satisfactorily completed and many are ongoing and that’s how it should be.

Look at the Mambilla Hydro-Power Project at Gembu in Taraba State for example. Abandoned by successive Governments and merely spoken about for close to 45 years. This administration is doing it now.

This particular Dam will single handedly generate 6,050 MWs of electricity which would almost double our current power generation capacity with 4 Dams and 700 Kilometres of transmission lines and huge potentials to boost employment, Agriculture and Tourism.

Yet it was abandoned by successive Administrations before the current Administration bravely took it up. Never mind that Billions of Naira were claimed to have been spent on power only to generate darkness.

It is okay for these enemies of our nation to think that Governance is a joke and to make jest of the serious bind which they and their cohorts put us all into as a Nation but President Buhari is resolved to take us out of that ditch and set us on a new path of genuine and sustainable Economic and Infrastructural prosperity where projects will not be abandoned and our resources will be used to work for all Nigerians and not just service the insatiable ego and greed of a few.

We shall continue to call out these heartless and shameless clowns like Lere Olayinka.