Thirsty Duisburg goalkeeper gifts opponents equalizer

Mark Flekken says he will take some flak from his teammates
Mark Flekken says he will take some flak from his teammates

A thirsty goalkeeper chose the wrong time to have a drink during a second-tier soccer game in Germany on Saturday.

Duisburg’s Dutch goalkeeper Mark Flekken had picked up a bottle behind his own goal-line and was not even watching the game against Ingolstadt when the inevitable happened in the 18th minute.

After hosts Duisburg had seen a goal harshly disallowed, Ingolstadt quickly moved the ball up the field.

Deal of the day

Duisburg defender Gerrit Nauber headed back to his goalkeeper, not realizing that Flekken was still behind the line with his back to the ball.

Stefan Kutschke ran in to score unchallenged as Flekken turned round too late.

“I heard the goal jingle and thought we were leading 2-0,” Flekken told Sky TV.

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“Of course the lads love such moments. I’m going to have to take a lot of flak from my teammates over the next weeks.

“I’ll take the drinking bottle home and burn it somewhere in the garden.”

In the end Flekken did have something to raise a glass to — Duisburg won 2-1 and rose to fourth in the second division.