Kingsley Fanwo: The comedy of masquerades by Brother James Faleke

James Faleke claims Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello bought expensive cars for masquerades

By Kingsley Fanwo

James Faleke claims Kogi governor, Yahaya Bello bought expensive cars for masquerades

Yesterday, I received a call from a friend who resides in Lagos. After the New Year banters, my friend was clearing his throat, so mischievously that I instantly knew he was up to something sinister.

“But Kingsley, how come your masquerades in Kogi are so expensive”, he asked with a green voice of suspicion. I knew what he was up to, but I wouldn’t be beaten to it.

“Who told you Kogi masquerades are expensive my friend? My late grandfather was a leading “Aworo” (masquerades custodian), so I know a bit
of the mystery of masquerades. In Kogi, masquerades are not expensive”, I told him.

My friend slipped into a laughter of garrulity. He wouldn’t take any of my explanations. What was important to my Lagosian friend. His representative in the House of Representatives, James, sorry, Chief James Abiodun Faleke had told the world that the Governor of Kogi State, his leader in the All Progressives Congress, donated posh cars and handsome millions to masquerades!

I was shocked. Even if Chief Faleke is a Lagosian, he was born and brought up in Kogi State. His community, Ekinrin Adde parades some of masquerades that boast of cultural artistry and finesse. I was forced to harmlessly ask my friend if Eeyo drives posh cars on the streets of Lagos.

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I chose to keep quiet since the news broke out in one of the media used by the ilks of Faleke to vent their frustrations with developments in Kogi State.

I wanted to gauge the vox populi on the issue. While some are already tipping Faleke to emerge as the Comedian of 2018, others have expressed worries about the dangerous dangling of inflammatory statements to throw Kogi into a deep confusion.

Some of Faleke’s criticisms are only agreeable to states of anomie. His penchant for falsehood is alarming while his flippancy propensity is unpardonable. He is comfortable with lies as long as it satisfies his political treachery.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi

The Kogi story will always be laden with the desperation of falsehood merchants who are more interested in misinformation and character assassination.

When bank alerts rocked Kogi before Christmas, I was expecting a congratulatory message from the “Desperate Advocate of the Masses”. None came. They were looking for the next item on the calumny shelves.

2018 is not a year of blame trade. The administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello is poised to rebound our state and consolidate his gains of the last two years. We have serious business to do here. Kogi is our baby, we won’t allow any knife on it.

Quick facts before I go: Brother Faleke, masquerades are extra-terrestrial beings. They do not drive cars.

Two, the Governor went to celebrate an important festival with his people. He loves his people. He has always been with his people. He is a proud Anebira who would not trade his place of birth on the alter of political desperation.

Three, you contested for the position of a Deputy Governor. Were you dreaming of becoming Governor in 2015? Ahead of the late Abubakar Audu? How did you plan to achieve that? Brief the world. God is watching us all.

Four, at Kabba and Isanlu, Kogi West people showed they are strongly with GYB. At Anyigba, Kogi East displayed their love for the Governor.

At Okene, the Kogi Central people made an unmistakable political statement. Therefore, we are not surprised at the bitterness of the enemies. The people are already closing the gates to diaspora politicians. Come home and let us do it here.

You went to the villa to report the Governor that he was de-marketing the party in the state. But in the past few weeks, thousands came out to declare support for the Governor. Your frustration is understood but please stop sinking further. We love you. You are our brother.

In the same spirit of comedy to complete this friendly fire, I urge our Road Safety Corps to ensure masquerades hold their licenses before driving!