David Petzer resigns as PZ Cussons Nigeria CFO

David Petzer has resigned as Chief Finance Officer of PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc

David Petzer has resigned as the Chief Finance Officer of PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc with effect from 19 February 2018.

In a statement signed by Abiola Laseinde, the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser, Petzer resigned to pursue personal goals. “This follows his decision to pursue other personal endeavours. Petzer joined PZ on 1 September 2012,” the statement said.

Laseinde stated that the company has appointed Pedro Barreto as the new Chief Finance Officer. He resumes office on 20 February 2018.

“Barreto is a finance professional with varied international experience in working for multinational companies in Africa, Asia and Europe,” the statement said.

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Prior to his appointment, Barreto was the Chief Finance Officer of the Ambrian Group.

He has held previous position as the CFO for Pepsi Africa and several roles in financial control and commercial finance with CIMPOR India.

Company Secretary/Legal Adviser Abiola Laseinde announced the appointment of Pedro Barreto as new Chief Finance Officer

Barreto is a native of Portugal and speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

PZ Cussons Group has a marketing presence in Europe, Africa and Asia.

PZ Cussons has factories in Salford, Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Greece, Kenya, and Poland.

PZ Cussons’ main brand is the Imperial Leather range of soaps, bath and shower and cosmetic products.

PZ Cussons operates a joint venture electrical superstore in Lagos, Nigeria and also operates in Ghana.

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