ATM: Banker Christian Amechi narrates how he steals customers’ money

Christian Amechi has explained he steals bank customers money via ATM Cards

Having stolen N20 million of bank customers’ money, a staff of a new generation bank and his accomplices have been arrested.

Christian Amechi, who worked at the bank’s ATM customers service unit, has confessed to the Police that he perpetrated the fraud by using a string of impersonators.

He works at the bank headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos, TheSun reports on Saturday.

His accomplices are Oyozoje Joseph, Nelson Matthew Eugari, Henry Omogbemi and Ene Mona Gabriel who are being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos State Police Command.

The arrest of a notorious pickpocket, Mr. Akeem Apejoye in Lagos, by police on patrol gave the police the clue to the gang of fraudsters.

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In his confessional statement at the police station, Akeem indicted several others including Christian, the banker as the one who encouraged him to continue to steal phones.

He alleged that Christian and his gang were mainly interested in the SIM cards of the stolen phones.

He led the police to the homes of the people who were collecting the SIM cards from him.

Though, he alleged that he was not in the know that Christian and his group use the SIM cards to remove money from the accounts of customers, but added that the group often buys him drinks at joints whenever he runs into them.

On how he and others managed to steal from the bank customers, Christian told the police that all that is needed is the customer’s SIM card.

According to him, any customer that does online transaction has his or her BVN number stored on his or her phone.

“I am a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) where I read banking and finance.

“Luckily for me, I was employed by the bank (name withheld) and was the ATM card system analyst at the bank headquarters, Victoria Island, Lagos.

“I grew up in Ajegunle and I know almost all members of the gang.

“I know them on the street, but I was introduced into the business by one of my friends known as Osey boy and DJ.”

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