Nigerians fault Buhari’s leadership style, system of government

President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to seek a second term in office

Nigerians have faulted President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership style and with majority condemning Nigeria’s system of government, which they say make for lawlessness.

Following the reports gathered, Nigerians opined that there is an error from the foundation of government that needs serious amendment.

Stivin Promise, one of the respondents shared his view that “The issue is that there is an error from the foundation of our government, which until is amended, something good cannot come out from the seat of power.”

Maxwell Maxwell included that “Firstly, there is no system of government which is why there is lawlessness. What kind of system should we call it? Plutocracy, Aristocracy, monarchy or corruptcracy? We don’t even know the system that is in Practice, but they are ruling”

Paul G Ariku opined that “The system of government we operate affect the needed development we hope to see. It does not affect President Buhari particularly.

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“President Buhari does not have what it takes to rule a country like Nigeria. Let me take you back to his military era as a Head of State, the same thing happened, hardship and all. The nice policy was brought by his second in command, Tunde Idiagbon.”

Muhammad Nasiru Haruna added that “It is the people operating the system that affect President Buhari’s performance. No system is perfect, for, in the past, Nigeria had operated a parliamentary system of government, but later we changed the system to federal system, still, people are complaining.”

Reports show that many believe that the old age of the president affects the president’s leadership style.

Adigun Khalmash Mossa, one of the respondent stated that “President Muhamadu Buhari himself is in his old age and there are many things going on in his administration which he knows nothing of.”

Ojay Lawrence Iwara buttresses Adigun’s point. He opined that “We have an imperfect federal system that needs to be restructured. But it takes a man to do that, and it appears President Buhari does not have the capacity to bring out the desired change Nigeria need.”

Chimele Nnaji concluded that “My dear president: I consider your age; I remember your certificate-saga. I do not forget your khaki mentality where is our “unity in diversity”? Are you really the long-awaited Messiah? Should we look for another? The answers could be found in your attributes…my take: “better be divided in truth than being united in error.”

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